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Fingo Collective

Fingo Collective

Status: Academic

Location: Bengaluru

Site Area: 7,950 Sft.

Built Up Area: 27,600 Sft. 

Team: Amod Shah, Apoorva V, Manasa Kanade, Udit Shah

Concept Sketch.jpg



Fingo Collective is envisioned as a hub and a facilitator for creative professionals. A center for education and innovation; a place for collaboration and co-working, enabling a larger outreach for serving the society. The project aims to redefine the nature of  high density urban development and become a trendsetter. 


Fingo Collective shall incorporate training and skill development programs, incubation for start-ups and young practices and provide resources and facilities for coworking and collaboration. Spatially and physically it strives to provide a healthy and enriching working environment.

It aims to contribute to the adjoining public parks by proposing a redevelopment project, to ensure safer and user-friendly spaces.

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